P&G292 Peer-to-Peer infoline

02 03 2021

From March 8-th 2021 P&G292 will launch a phone/info line run by experts.

The line is available from Monday to Thursday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Do you have questions about sex work and would you prefer to consult an expert or do you have other questions for our experts, make the call.

The number is: 0208009210

Monday the telephone is run by Vania, she speaks Bulgarian, Dutch and English.
Tuesday the telephone is run by Luz, she speaks Spanish and Dutch.
Wednesday the telephone is run by Julia, she speaks Rumanian and English.
Thursday the telephone is run by Samira, she speaks Dutch, French and English and her expertise is on the LGBTI community especially for trans sex workers.


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