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The Amsterdam Center for Sex Workers (ACS) is a unique collaboration between HVO-Querido and Centrum voor Seksuele Gezondheid (GGD Amsterdam). This collaboration has proven to be the most effective approach to working with sex workers. ACS works unbiased and focuses on positive (sexual) health, social and economic stability with knowledge and expertise. We have a neutral and objective view—an ideal springboard for local and (inter)national politics.

In addition, ACS works visibly and purposefully with ACM (Amsterdam Coördinatiepunt Mensenhandel) to tackle sexual exploitation. ACS has an innovative, out-of-the-box mentality and sees sex work simply as work. The Sex Work Expertise Centre, established as part of HVO-Querido Knowledge Centre and the Centre for Sexual Health (GGD Amsterdam), has translated a clear and up-to-date approach into concrete tools, trainings, presentations and workshops.

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