Important Addresses

Chamber of Commerce (KvK)

IRegistration at the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) is only by appointment.
You can make an appointment for registration at or call 088 585 15 85

Tax Office (Belastingdienst)

Do you have a question about taxes, benefits and/or payments? Call the Tax Phone 0800 05 43 or visit

Municipality of Amsterdam (Gemeente Amsterdam)

If you have a question for the Gemeente Amsterdam, the website has a wealth of information. Otherwise, call telephone number: 14020. You can find up-to-date information on prostitution policy:


In case of immediate danger, always call 112.

If you need to contact the police about a situation outside Amsterdam, call the police’s general number 0900-8844.

For help from police in the context of coercion or exploitation in the Amsterdam region: call police Team mensenhandel via 088-1693396.


This is a valuable point of contact and help for transgender persons in Amsterdam. Check out their website:


Get tips on finances on


If you are homeless and want to know what the possibilities are for you in Amsterdam, check out Gemeente Amsterdam website.
Homeless outpost desk: Jan van Galenstraat 323, entrance B 1056 CH Amsterdam.


Don’t have insurance and need help from a doctor. Call 020 – 624 90 31 . Or visit the website is a website of Soa Aids Netherlands. On this website you can find information about the SWAD alliance, Ugly Mugs and information around sex work.

Related topics

Health & Sex

Your sexual health is important. At ACS, you can schedule an appointment for a sexual health check-up to be tested for STIs and/or pregnancy. We also recommend and provide the Hepatitis A/B vaccination.

Start & Stop

When you start sex work, there are a number of things to think about. Where do you want to work? What paperwork and financial preparation will you need to arrange? You also need to consider the boundaries you set for yourself: how far are you prepared to go with a customer? Where do you draw the line? How do you make that clear?


How can you avoid debt? How will you manage debt if it is unavoidable? Do you know if you are entitled to rent allowance or other benefits? We will help you with all your questions about finances.


Perhaps you have experienced something bad, in your private life or at home. It could have been a recent event or even some time ago. Has a client crossed your boundaries forcefully? Read more about abuse and what ACS can do for you.