Setting boundaries

If you decide to work as a sex worker, it is important to determine for yourself in advance what your boundaries are. For example, what you will or will not do with clients, when you want to be paid, where you will or will not meet with them. It can prevent unexpected situations or questions with a client.

For example, what do you do if you are already working with a client who spontaneously asks you to do something beyond what was agreed? What do you do if a regular client says he is not sleeping with anyone else and asks you to allow him to not use a condom with you? What will you do you really need the money and your client pressures you to have anal sex or kiss them, despite your boundaries? What are your limits in terms of sadomasochism (S&M), drugs or threesomes?

In practice, dealing with situations like these can sometimes be more difficult than anticipated. Your decisions must be your choice. This is important. You need to continue to guard your own limits. Make sure that you do not allow circumstances or clients determine what you will do, but that you always remain in charge yourself.

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