Tips for saving

To avoid getting into more debt, it can be helpful to save on your expenses. There are many ways to do that. Try to see the fun in it. Think of it as a sport and enjoy the small savings you do manage!


Some tips:
  • Make a weekly shopping list and stick to it.
  • Pin a fixed amount each week. If you run out, you run out.
  • Don’t be too easily tempted by offers. Do you really need the product?
  • Turn down the heating.
  • See whether you can get a better tariff with another energy supplier.
  • See if you can save on your phone subscription.
  • Buy a bicycle (one-off expense) and avoid taking public transport.
  • Sell stuff you no longer use or don’t need (e.g., via Marktplaats and Vinted).
  • If you are in need of something, try the second-hand market. Either at a flea market or a second-hand shop, where you often find excellent clothes and homewares. On Marktplaats, items are also sometimes given away (almost) for free.

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