Diversity in sex work

The information on our website is for all sex workers, regardless of gender or workplace. All the activities offered by the ACS are also for everyone. Nevertheless, below are some points the ACS would like to highlight.


Unfortunately, there are fewer opportunities for male sex workers, trans sex workers and sex workers from the LGBTQA+ community to work in a licensed workplace. In Amsterdam, there is one licensed place for male sex workers (who have sex with men), Boysclub 21, at Spuistraat 21. In the Red Light District, there are 2 streets where you can work in the windows as a transgender person, Bloedstraat and Barndesteeg. If you want more information about this, contact us.

Roze in Blauw/Pink in Blue

As sex workers in the LGBTQA+ community, you can become a victim of violence. This can be both physical and verbal. For non-urgent reports, the national number 0900-8844 can be reached. You can also call Roze in Blauw directly. Roze in Blauw is the police network for the LGBTQA+ community. They can be reached on 088-1691234.

You can also make a report at www.slachtofferhulp.nl or call 0800 6334286. You can also contact the ACS confidential team.

Trans Clinic

Every third Sunday of the month, Trans United’s Trans Clinic can be found on the ACS premises. You are welcome to ask questions around hormone dispensing, as well as other questions you may have. This clinic is a collaboration between the community-led organisation Trans United Europe and the Centre for Sexual Health (GGD Amsterdam).


Are you a transgender person and in need of a safe and pleasant place to meet? You are welcome to the T-house. The T-house is not only for transgender sex workers, but for all transgender people. Check out the website: www.t-huis.transunitedeurope.eu.

The ACS nurse has a weekly consultation hour on sexual health for trans and non-binary people at the T-House. You are welcome to approach the nurse for an STI or HIV test, PEP and PrEP care or any other questions about your sexual health.

Every Thursday afternoon at the T-House, you can speak with someone about issues regarding other matters, including a bi-cultural background, if you are undocumented, uninsured and/or not registered in the Netherlands, homelessness, poverty or refugee status, which might make finding the right medical care difficult.

Make an appointment at the Transkliniek via: transunitedkliniek@transunitedeurope.eu.

Related topics

Health & Sex

Your sexual health is important. At ACS, you can schedule an appointment for a sexual health check-up to be tested for STIs and/or pregnancy. We also recommend and provide the Hepatitis A/B vaccination.

Start & Stop

When you start sex work, there are a number of things to think about. Where do you want to work? What paperwork and financial preparation will you need to arrange? You also need to consider the boundaries you set for yourself: how far are you prepared to go with a customer? Where do you draw the line? How do you make that clear?


How can you avoid debt? How will you manage debt if it is unavoidable? Do you know if you are entitled to rent allowance or other benefits? We will help you with all your questions about finances.


Perhaps you have experienced something bad, in your private life or at home. It could have been a recent event or even some time ago. Has a client crossed your boundaries forcefully? Read more about abuse and what ACS can do for you.