Report malpractice or abuse

We believe it should be your own choice to be a sex worker. You should be the one to decide what sexual acts you do and what acts you don’t. Do you feel forced or do you think somebody else is forced? Contact me (anonymously), fill in the form or call me. We can decide what to do together. As a prostitute confidant I am the contact for female and male sex workers as well as care providers.

We are the first contact for anybody who wants to report (anonymously) malpractice, poor working conditions, trafficking, force, complaints about business owners, city council, police, supervisors, etc.

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Malpractice or abuse

Examples of malpractice or abuse you can report to me, are:

  • When you work at a club and you are forced to work unsafe.
  • Poor hygiene in a club or privehuis (licensed brothel).
  • If you are asked to do things you feel are wrong. (Working long hours, too many clients).
  • If a business owner wants you to rent the room for 7 days a week.
  • If you have a feeling that your colleague is forced to do sex work.
  • If you want to talk to the police about a malpractice, but you feel anxious about doing it on your own.
  • If you are threatened or blackmailed.

Working method

You can report an abuse or malpractice by filling in the form. I will contact you within one working day. Is it urgent? Call us on the 06 telephone number below or send a (text) message. I will contact you as soon as possible, even at the weekend.

Next we will decide together if we can discuss the situation by mail or phone or if we should meet in person. The choice is yours: we can meet at ACS or somewhere else.

We will discuss what can be done in your situation.

Female confidant

Heleen Driessen
06 22 47 97 50

Male confidant

Dennis Heineman
06 ?? ?? ?? ??

Report malpractrice or abuse

For urgent matters: Do not use this form but call: 06-22479750 or send a text message or app message.

    Heleen Driessen
    06 22 47 97 50
    Dennis Heineman
    06 ?? ?? ?? ??