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There are a number of things to consider in the field of sex work. For example, where do you want to work? What paperwork and financial preparation is required? Do you need a KVK registration from the Chamber of Commerce?

Apart from legalities, you also need to think about your own boundaries. How far are you prepared to go with a customer? Where do you draw the line? How do you make that clear? What are within your legal rights?

Quitting sex work also raises many questions. We can work with you to transition out smoothly, financially, legally and tactfully. Are you entitled to benefits? Would you like help to start a new journey career wise?

ACS is there for all these kinds of questions—and also for the questions you may not have considered. Select from the menu on the left to find out more.

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Health & Sex

Your (sexual) health is important. Especially if you are a sex worker. It is important to be vaccinated and protected against hepatitis B.


Perhaps you have experienced something bad, in your private life or at home. It could have been a recent event or even some time ago. Has a client crossed your boundaries?


It can be difficult to deal with less or little money. This can potentially lead to debt or other money problems.