Need a permit?

Whether you need a licence for sex work depends on your workplace.

Working from home

Many municipalities do not allow you to work from home. Check with the municipality in which you live. In Amsterdam, no licence is issued for receiving clients at home because this is in violation of zoning plans. A licence is only issued if a building has a prostitution destination according to the zoning plan. If a property is both renter and owner-occupied, licenses will not be issued.


With window prostitution, you do not need a licence. The person who rents out the window – the window operator – does need a licence.

Club or Privehuis (licensed brothel)

In a club or privehuis, you do not need a licence. The owner of the club or privehuis does need a licence.

Escort agency

As soon as you are operated by someone else, the person operating does need an escort licence. If you work for an escort agency, if someone manages your website, or answers the phone, you are considered operated.

Self-employed (independent) escort

If you work as an independent escort, you do not need a licence.

You are an independent escort if you arrange the following things yourself:

  • Advertising
  • Contacts
  • Appointments
  • Taransportation
  • Transport for going to and return from the client’s home or hotel room. However, the client must have booked the room themselves.
  • Finances.


Streetwalking is allowed only in special streetwalking zones. You do not need a licence. However, you will need a pass to operate in streetwalking zones.

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