Health & Sex

Your sexual health is important. Especially if you are a sex worker. It is important to get tested regularly for STIs (venereal diseases), even if you always use a condom. And it is important to vaccinate and protect yourself against Hepatitis A/B.

In this section, find out about getting tested, what an STI test is, the types of STIs and how to prevent a broken condom and what you can do if that happens. In short, everything about keeping yourself as sexually healthy as possible.

During an STI test, you do not need to remove your clothes. We provide you with self-tests and a private room.

Sometimes we may suggest a small physical examination for certain symptoms. In that case, we will ask you to partially undress. We always do this in consultation with you and only if you agree.

Do you have questions that are not listed in the menu, such as drug use at work? Do you have other concerns about your health that are not related to sexuality? We welcome your questions.

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It can be difficult to deal with less or little money. This can potentially lead to debt or other money problems.