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Health & Sex

Your sexual health is important. At ACS, you can schedule an appointment for a sexual health check-up to be tested for STIs and/or pregnancy. We also recommend and provide the Hepatitis A/B vaccination.

Start & Stop

When you start sex work, there are a number of things to think about. Where do you want to work? What paperwork and financial preparation will you need to arrange? You also need to consider the boundaries you set for yourself: how far are you prepared to go with a customer? Where do you draw the line? How do you make that clear?


How can you avoid debt? How will you manage debt if it is unavoidable? Do you know if you are entitled to rent allowance or other benefits? We will help you with all your questions about finances.


Perhaps you have experienced something bad, in your private life or at home. It could have been a recent event or even some time ago. Has a client crossed your boundaries forcefully? Read more about abuse and what ACS can do for you.


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ACS offers

ACS offers consultations on sexual health, STDs and social work. We also offer courses and classes on topics such as language and resilience.

Consulting hours

Are you struggling through a situation and need a listening ear and advice? Perhaps you have a question about your body and health; or need to be tested for STIs. We welcome you during our consultation hours. These confidential and free consults are for everyone: women, men and transgender people.


ACS offers various workshops for sex workers. We offer language (English and Dutch) courses for both beginners and those that want to improve their language skills. Join our resilience training to learn how to manage difficult situations with clients safely and professionally. Are you interested?