Signing the ‘third party intervention’ is a fact

05 10 2021

P&G292 has signed the ‘Third Party Intervention’. This is the case of 261 French sex workers against the French state. Sex workers are supported by 19 French NGOs, including Medecins du Monde. Since 2016, clients of sex workers have been criminalized in France. French sex workers have lost a lawsuit against the French state over the negative effects on their safety, health and rights, before the highest French court. Then they went to the European Court of Human Rights. The request came via the European sex workers’ organization ICRSE for Dutch organizations to jointly submit a request for ‘third party intervention’ with information about the situation in the Netherlands as a country where sex work is decriminalized. A ‘third-party intervention’ is a kind of ‘expert report’ with information that is relevant to the case, but which the court cannot easily obtain itself. In addition to the VVR, 24 other Dutch organizations have signed. The VVR, also on behalf of the UN Women Convention Network, provided a column on CEDAW’s view on the Dutch situation and the human rights of sex workers.

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